"Regina cares so much about the kitties. We are first time pet owner and Regina helped us a lot. Our kitty is good with litter. He is very affectionate with us, and confident around people. Super playful and lovely kitty!."

New Mexico

I recently purchased the most loving, well-adjusted bengal kitten, ever! Luca took all of one day to make my house its home, and that’s including with my 13 year old lab. He naps in his cat tree often, but after all he is still a baby. He is litter trained and eats well. I was provided with a care guide, a toy, and food. The rest is up to you to be wonderful parents.


"After four years of researching the breed, being memorized by their patterns, and finding a fantastic breeder. Our family was finally able to welcome home our little bengal kitten. He is stunning and has the best personality. Family bengals were very knowledgeable and socialized the kittens perfectly. Our kitten is super playful, gentle, and loves to snuggle. Oh and did i mention he loves to play marco polo! Thank you for allowing us join the Kittens Bengal family".

Cincinnati - Ohio

"I love my Bengal he has a sweet personally, very beautiful cat and wonderful temperament. If I had the room would purchase another one from this cattery. I was nervous and skeptical about shipping the kitten but was super excited when he finally got delivered at my home. I highly recommended them excellent cats and great communication.."


Chicago - Illinois